Recovery is possible. We see it every day. At GoodWorks, you're one member in a growing family of individuals who've set themselves up for true success, for lives of purpose, peace and usefulness in sobriety.




A Unique Experience.

GoodWorks evolved out of a belief in the vital nature of Recovery Support services. We've had our own experiences with sober living organizations and recovery service providers over the years, and it was obviously time to do things differently.
Our ongoing mission is to improve the quality of life-saving support services like sober and transitional living. By partnering with premier addiction treatment providers and pioneering recovery-focused solutions to the problems we've seen in other organizations, we continue to offer residents and their families the best chance to achieve and maintain lifelong, holistic recovery.

Recovery Residences.

Addiction is a chronic, debilitating disease, and nobody recovers alone. Success in recovery depends upon the principles and pillars of true change. GoodWorks' Recovery Housing programs offer residents a chance to awaken their potential and learn to live again.





Genuine Programs. Nationally Recognized.

We're proud to do things differently. Since our inception, we've had a far-reaching vision of community-wide impact. With the seal of approval from independent accrediting bodies across the nation, and the integration of Advanced Recovery Management resources like certified Rec-Cap Navigators, we're confident our programs give residents the highest chance for establishing and maintaining lifelong addiction recovery.

Recovery Houses in Lancaster PA. Sober Living in South FL. Florida Halfway Houses
Recovery Houses in Lancaster PA. Sober Living in South FL. Florida Halfway Houses

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