Our vision is to grow our outreach and improve our sober living in south Florida and Pennsylvania wherever the need arises, while simultaneously providing value to our residents, employees, families, communities, and treatment stakeholders.

Our Mission & Philosophy

To offer a premier fellowship and family living environment for those afflicted with the disease of alcoholism and addiction.  At Good Works Recovery, we provide a supportive living environment where the alcoholic and/or addict can find recovery from a hopeless state of mind and body.  We believe in a "hands-on" approach to helping our residents rediscover joy and purpose in life.

In Our Residents' Words

GoodWorks residents past and present share their experience, strength & hope.

I have a new life today because I was tired of being miserable everyday of my life.  A year ago I took the steps to put that process in motion and it's paid off. Goodworks sober living in south Florida saved my life. I have my family back and friends that actually care and I have embarked on an awesome new career.  For all those things I have been truly blessed and I am so grateful.
Cory KlemmFormer Resident
In the four months I have been with good works recovery my life has taken an amazing turn. With the support of the management and the fellowship of Good Works I have been able to put my life back together piece by piece. With such strong encouragement to work a program of recovery I have a great job, a great place to live and a new outlook on life based on the 12 steps of AA. I love to pass on my experience strength and hope to the men I manage
Spencer PhoenixFormer Resident
After struggling almost half my life with the disease of alcoholism and going in and out of countless institutions and rehab facilities I came to the conclusion that my way of life doesn't work. It wasn't until I entered Good Works Recovery that I realized that there is a better way of life. They welcomed me with open arms and accepted me as part of the family. I started feeling relief and happiness in my life again.
Mike RozitskiFormer Resident & Operations Manager
Faced with the decision to return to the streets or continue with after care, it was decided to continue on the road to recovery. At GoodWorks I found a place to call home, women that became my family, an amazing life that words will never do justice, and most importantly, hope. Simply, I owe my life to houses like these, because without them I would have never stepped foot into AA.
Shannon HenneganFormer Resident

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